Planning A Copper Wedding?

Wedding favors have been a tradition in many cultures for hundreds of years. At some weddings, you’ll find colorful candied almonds, chocolates, or handmade treats. More and more in North America, however, elaborate gifts are becoming the norm. Crystal champagne flutes, etched mason jar mugs, tiny cheese boards–and perhaps now, copper mugs.

Copper has become an incredibly popular color at weddings, seen in the flatware, the jewelry, the centerpieces, and of course, the barware. Copper provides a warm and natural alternative to the common gold or silver. It looks wonderful juxtaposed with greenery and is easy to mix with a modern or vintage style.

Now, a mug costs a bit more than almonds for each guest at a wedding, but they can actually pull triple duty, and they look far classier than a taffeta bag of candies. In the end, you’ll save money and time using them.

First, they act as the favor–a wonderful gift that the guest can bring home and enjoy for–well, possibly forever. The mug will remind your guest of your wedding day whenever they use it, and it is much less likely to be devoured or shattered on their way home. It can be engraved with your wedding date, the guest’s name, or your own names, or left au natural. Artisanal hammered copper will look best as is, while a smooth surface will engrave well, so consider that when looking for the perfect mug style.

When they walk into your wedding, guests can see the mugs laid out on a table, with little paper tags tied to each handle, names and table numbers written on them. Because, yes, they also will act as escort cards. Getting people to the right tables is always a chore, and it’s hard to make it look classy. If it’s an outdoor wedding, cards alone often blow away, and even indoors, they can look bland just sitting on a white tablecloth.

Now your guests have arrived at your reception, admired the display of mugs, received the gift, and found their seats It’s now time to get a beverage. We’re onto the third use of the copper mugs at your wedding. Across the hall, field, or barn, they will see a sign for your drink station, where guests can fill the mugs with a beverage of choice. You can go classic and offer a variety of Moscow mule ingredients, or you can get creative and do just about anything. You can even hire a bartender, have him prepare each cocktail, and keep an eye on how much your rowdy uncles are drinking. Regardless, these mugs will replace the barware you otherwise would have needed to rent or purchase, and they won’t smash on the dance floor halfway through the night.

So, with one decision, you remove hours of planning and set an easy to follow visual theme for the evening. You no longer need to decide on your color, gifts, escort cards, glassware, or your signature cocktail.

For more information on Moscow Mules, check out our recipes page. There you can find Moscow mule recipes that are classic, romantic and more. If you’re considering the copper mug for your wedding, see the different styles that we offer here, some on sale for just $24.97 a pair. Finally, if you’ve decided on copper as your wedding color, search #copperwedding on Instagram or Pinterest for thousands more ideas.