Ayurveda Benefits of Copper

Ayurveda Copper Benefits

According to Ayurveda practices, water stored in a copper pitcher has the ability to positively charge the water. The water stored in a copper vessel is known as ‘tamara jal’ and is suggested to be consumed after storing the water in a copper vessel for at least eight hours.

During this storage time, the copper works its way into the water and allows it to be consumed by you. This allows you to gain all the positive benefits of copper in your drinking water. It is reported that the best part about this water is that it never becomes stale and can be stored this way for long periods of time. Benefits have been known to help the digestive system perform better, aid in weight loss, help heal wounds faster, slow down aging, help to maintain cardiovascular health, prevent cancer, kill bacteria, promote skin health, and aid a healthy brain.

Copper is an important mineral that the human body needs to function optimally. It offers many benefits and in many cases is integral to a healthy body. The human body cannot create copper so it must be derived from our diets. Nuts, greens, some seafood, and legumes are a few of the more popular ways to get copper naturally. Unfortunately, this may not be enough which leads to the importance of copper drinking vessels.

Copper is known to offer many benefits based on Ayurvedic principles:

  • Improved vitality
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Slows the Effects of Aging
  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Better Skin Elasticity
  • Improved Digestion
  • Support Arthritis
  • More Durable Fingernails and Hair
  • Improved Bones and Ligaments

Copper is also known to be oligodynamic in nature (the sterilizing effect of metals on bacteria) and can destroy bacteria very effectively.

Artisan’s Anvil copper products feature pure copper only on the inside ensuring that each mug, pitcher, or cup relays the positive ayurvedic effects.

Copper is scientifically proven to naturally inhibit bacteria. It is so effective that the Environmental Protection Agency champions copper as the only surface material that is effective in neutralizing bacteria that pose a health hazard. Many medical facilities are beginning to use copper and copper alloy surfaces for highly trafficked areas such as hand railings, tables, door knobs and more.