Moscow Mule Ice Cream Float Recipe

Moscow Mule Ice Cream Floats

Are you wanting something a little different? Mixing a cocktail and ice cream may sound daring, but with summer rapidly settling in, it’s time to relax and cool off. We took the Moscow mule and turned it into a sweet treat, suitable for all ages. You can make the fresh lime ice cream from scratch well ahead of time–one batch will easily make 8-10 floats. And don’t worry, all it takes to make is three ingredients, a large bowl, and a hand beater.

Lime Ice Cream

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups heavy whipped cream

2 Limes

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Ready in: 6 hours

Pop the milk, the cream, the bowl, and the beaters into the fridge or freezer, wherever you have space. Now, zest the limes completely–you should have about 1-2 tablespoons of lime zest. Put that aside. Juice the limes, and make sure no seeds fall into the juice. Set that aside as well.

Take everything out of the fridge/freezer, pour the whipped cream into the bowl, and beat it until peaks form–this should take about three minutes. Now, add your sweetened condensed milk, all of your zest, and half of your lime juice–beat it again for about a minute, until it’s well blended and you’re seeing peaks again.

The best part: it’s time to taste that mixture, and decide if you’d like more lime juice. Once it’s the way you like it, cover the bowl with saran wrap, and pop it in the freezer overnight, or for at least 6 hours. If you want it ready more quickly, you can spread it thinly in a casserole dish, and it should be ready in about 2 hours.

Moscow Mule Ice Cream Float

2 scoops of lime ice cream

1 bottle of chilled ginger beer (see our post on How to Choose a Ginger Beer)

1 lime slice

1 sprig of mint

1 copper mug with a straw

Put two scoops of the lime ice cream you made yesterday into your mug (about half full) and pour the ginger beer over it. Put a sliced lime on the edge of your mug, and a sprig of mint, and you’re ready to relax in the sun, and enjoy. The mug will chill very quickly, and stay icy, so you won’t need to worry about the ice cream melting too fast (but make sure you use the handle to pick it up!)

Alternatives: Would you like this to be an adult beverage? Add a bit of vodka, or use an alcoholic ginger beer.

These floats have a unique flavor and will surprise and delight whoever you serve them to.